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Emergency Plumbing Tips: Finding the Main Water Shut-off Valve

Posted on 07 September 2018 by admin (0)

Anyone could have a malfunctioning washing machine, leaking pipe, or a plumbing disaster that would require you to shut off the water to your condo or home. In most cases, the plumbing emergency is usually time-critical, and taking instant steps to shut off the main water can help you save so many gallons of water in your monthly water bill, and it also prevents damage caused by flood in your home.

Depending on the level of leak or other problems in your house, the period being spent to look for the main water shu-off valve may cause so much water to begin to flood your home; volume of water that may be enough to fill a bathtub to the brim, or even more.

Tackle Plumbing Emergencies Immediately

If a burst pipe is the plumbing emergency you are experiencing, if you decide to call for plumbing repair services, you have to know it can’t stop the flow of water as fast as the emergency needs, but what you can do is to avoid any other form of damage while the plumbers arrive; this is only possible if you have a knowledge on locating the water shut-off valves in your home.

There is always a main water shut off valve in every home, no way there can’t be one. Depending on the way your home has been constructed or sized, there can be local water zones situated in separate areas, and this would also have separate valves to stop or lower the flow of water in such area. Shutting off valves to the exterior water faucets for instance, doesn’t necessarily require shutting off the water throughout the whole house.

Do you know where your pressure tank or water meter is located? There are some huge chances that the water shut-off valve has been installed near that. If it is not so, you should check the piping system in your basement if it can be seen. What you should do next is to do some investigative work and find all the connections that lead to the main pipe. It is considered a good idea to purchase an extra piece of pipe wrench or a channel lock that can be kept right near you main valve at all times. This way, there won’t be a need for you to spend your valuable time that can be used for other productive things looking around for the right tool to shut off the running water.

If you are still finding it difficult to locate where the main shut-off valve in your home is installed, then you should call up a plumber now to help you identify its location before an emergency that would cause you so much loss of water occurs.